Senator Golden Attends City Hall Rally to Save Firehouses

Martin J. Golden

June 03, 2011

New York - State Senator Marty Golden attended and spoke before thousands of New York City firefighters Friday outside City Hall against the proposal to close twenty fire houses throughout the five boroughs. Senator Golden spoke of the danger that would exist for all New Yorkers and tourists if the plans to close firehouses is approved. 

Senator Golden’s prepared remarks:

I am State Senator Marty Golden, representing Brooklyn’s 22nd Senate District, who is proud to stand here with you today to protest the closing of firehouses throughout our City.

Thank you to all who are here today, those who so bravely serve and protect; the brave men and women of FDNY; Steve Cassidy, John Dunne, John Kelly, and all who are representing the interests and safety of FDNY members and of all New Yorkers.

Such a plan jeopardizes the more than 8 million people who call New York City home, and all those who come to visit us, to tour and see the sites each year.

Such a plan will increase response times for the first trucks to arrive at a fire, as well as the support coming behind those trucks.

FDNY received more calls for service last year than ever before.

500,000 calls for fire response, 1.26 million EMS calls

By closing firehouses we gamble with the safety of residents, visitors and firefighters alike.

Up to 8 firehouses in Brooklyn may be closed. From Coney Island to Brooklyn Heights, from Dyker Heights to Park Slope, from Bushwick to Williamsburg, the safety of our residents is in jeopardy by closing firehouses.

I urge the Mayor and the New York City Council to consider all other options to address the fiscal state of New York City’s budget.

I pledge that I will do all that I can on the State level to assist the City and FDNY in avoiding these devastating cuts.

There is no dollar savings worth more than that of a life. You cannot even compare the two. Let’s work together and send a strong message that this proposal to close firehouses must be defeated!