Senator Golden Calls for Constitutional Convention Legislation to Be Passed During Special Session

Martin J. Golden

September 03, 2009

Senator Martin J. Golden (R,C,I- Brooklyn) has called for the Governor to include legislation that would allow voters to consider a constitutional convention as early as this November.  Golden has introduced S.6065 which would limit costs to taxpayers for a constitutional convention as well as encouraging maximum citizen participation.

“There is no doubt that New York State needs to be fixed. Nobody is happy with the way it operates.  It is not a Republican or Democrat issue.  It is a taxpayer issue.  There is currently widespread bi-partisan support for changing the blueprint that government operates by.  The need for change becomes even more apparent when you consider that New York State government has not had a major overhaul since 1938,” said Senator Golden.

In a letter to Governor Paterson, Senator Golden called for action to be taken on his bill S.6065.   Golden’s legislation would insure that a convention would be run by citizens and not by politicians, lobbyists or party bosses.  It specifically bans lobbyists, party officials or elected officials from serving as convention delegates, and limits contributions for delegates to $100 per year.

 “There is not a day that goes by where the newspapers or news casts are not filled with stories about how New Yorkers feel the Empire State is not where it should be.  State residents are afraid for their jobs, their taxes are too high and that government is not responsive to their needs.  People need to know that their voice matters and the best way to do that is to make them part of the constitutional convention process.  The residents of our State should be the foundation upon which a government should be built not on the whims of special interests,” continued Senator Golden.

“The Governor owes it to our State to give the people what they want when it comes to a constitutional convention.  However, he needs to give them a framework for a convention that will facilitate fundamental change.  Only by encouraging the average citizen to participate and limiting the influence of special interests can their needs be addressed.  People want change, my legislation gives them a voice in the process and a chance to truly transform the dysfunctional nature of State government,” concluded Senator Golden.