Senator Golden Calls for Immediate Expulsion of Monserrate

Martin J. Golden

January 25, 2010

Senator Martin J. Golden (R,C,I – Brooklyn) has called for the immediate expulsion of Senator Hiram Monserrate.  Golden’s call follows recent reports where Monserrate has compared himself to fallen civil rights workers, and the introduction of a resolution to expel Senator Monserrate from the State Senate. 

“Senator Hiram Monserrate just doesn’t get it.  To compare himself to individuals who sacrificed their lives in order to secure the right to vote for African-Americans is an insult to every ‘Freedom Rider’. This is not about race, this is about one man’s violent act.  What Hiram Monserrate did to Karla Giraldo was wrong. He has brought shame to the State Senate and Monserrate should have the sense to resign.  If he doesn’t we should remove him.  The people of the great State of New York are watching,” said Senator Golden.

In October 2009, Senator Monserrate was convicted of misdemeanor assault.  This conviction was the result of domestic violence charges stemming from an incident where Hiram Monserrate allegedly used a broken glass to slash the face of his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo.  Ms. Giraldo decided not to cooperate with the prosecution. Without her testimony, the prosecution could not secure a felony conviction.

“This is our chance to show that we can put the people of this state before politics and take swift action against a member who by his own actions has forfeited the right to lead. This issue is not a democrat issue or a republican issue it is an issue of right and wrong. Senator Golden said.

“My stand on this issue has been clear since the incident happened in December of 2008. Members on both sides of the isle want Senator Monserrate to be expelled.  Senator Monserrate has compared himself to fallen civil rights workers, and Jesus Christ in the last year. Desperate people will say desperate things. It is time for the Senate leadership of the Majority to do the right thing and that is to listen to the rank and file members.  If they did, Senator Monserrate would be gone tomorrow and we could turn our attention to creating a responsible State Budget,” concluded Senator Golden.