Senator Golden Co Sponsors Legislation So New Yorkers Can Receive State Tax Returns Within 30 Days

Kicks-Off On-line Petition Drive To Protest Withholding of Tax Refunds

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) today is announcing that he has cosponsored legislation introduced by Senator George Winner, S. 3985, that requires the Commissioner of the New York State Taxation and Finance to provide for the payment of State tax refunds within 30 days of the Department’s receipt of a taxpayer’s tax return unless there is a discrepancy.

Senator Golden also today launched an on-line petition drive, which can be found on his website at, to protest Governor Paterson’s decision to withhold New York State tax refunds. The petition encourages the State to issues the tax refunds to New Yorkers as soon as possible. Senator Golden plans to deliver the petition to the Governor so to let Mr. Paterson know how residents feel about this proposal.

“Hardworking New Yorkers are counting on the State refunds and many residents of my district have already expressed their frustration upon hearing this announcement. Families are planning to use this refund to help pay bills, tuition, buy clothing, pay rent and more, and so it is simply not right for Governor Paterson to unilaterally decide to hold the refunds. This is not the State’s money. This is the people’s money and the people should get it just as quickly as possible,” said Senator Marty Golden.

Golden continued, “This money belongs back in the pockets of New Yorkers. It’ a terrible economic time to ask hard-pressed taxpayers to wait a little longer for a tax return that they’ earned. When the shoe is on the other foot, we know that the state doesn‘t hesitate to impose fees, fines, and everything else under the sun on taxpayers failing to make timely payments.”