Senator Golden Comments on Gun Safety Legislation

Martin J. Golden

January 15, 2013

Albany- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), a former New York City Police Officer, has issued comments following his vote to approve legislation tonight in the State Senate to protect all New Yorkers from the threat and danger of gun violence:

Tonight, the people of New York are safer because of the sensible and comprehensive public safety bill approved. This legislation is truly an accomplishment we can be proud of, and that will go a long way to making our streets, our schools, and communities safer for us all.

Throughout negotiations, we made sure not only to create additional statewide restrictions to the current assault weapons ban, but also to increase penalties. Today, we have taken a major step towards taking illegal guns off our streets and putting those who use them in jail where they belong. Just a few days ago, a father and a son were shot in a Brooklyn park, another family destroyed by gun violence.

I believe that the new crime created for the use of a community gun, legislation I championed, so that all associated with the gun are penalized, will be key to better safety. We have also voted for Kendra's Law which allows courts to order treatment of a person who has not sought treatment for serious mental illness that poses a threat to the public or to self. We cannot let gun ownership fall into the hands of folks either off our radar screen or who are mentally unstable.

As we know, gangs too have been prevalent and have caused us many problems in our war on crime in New York State. Today, we have sent and each every gang and their members a message as well that we will not tolerate their activity by creating a RICO stature for gangs.

It is my hope that every New Yorker can go to bed tonight feeling safer, with the dream of ending gun violence being realized now more than ever.