Senator Golden Continues the Fight to End Prescription Drug Abuse

Martin J. Golden

April 30, 2013

Co-Sponsors and votes for two bills (S2940 & S2941) which would increase penalties for the illegal sale and distribution of controlled substances


Brooklyn, NY – New York State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I) today lauded the passage of two bills, which he co-sponsored, in the New York State Senate. These pieces of legislation would increase penalties for those who try to either game the system through ‘pill mills’ and for those who would steal or unlawfully posses a New York state prescription pad.


S2940 would criminalize the theft and unlawful possession of a blank official New York state prescription form, making it a grand larceny offense and also creates a separate crime for stealing a prescription bad. This legislation would impose real penalties for those who try to steal these pads with the hope of illegally possessing prescription drugs.


S2941 would create a new crime to address that small group of practitioners and pharmacists who operate pill mills or fill prescriptions for controlled substance medications other than in good faith in the course of their practice.


“Today I call on my colleagues in the Assembly to take up these vital pieces of legislation,” said Senator Golden. “Prescription Drug abuse is killing people every day in our communities, and we must put a stop to the illegal sale of these controlled substances. By working together, we can add two key enforcements on our ongoing battle to stop this epidemic, and bring those who would violate these simple and effective measures to justice.”