Senator Golden: Dangerous Law Allows for Violent Convict to Be Released Onto the Streets of New York

Martin J. Golden

September 29, 2009

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), a former New York City Police Officer, is responding to reports of the possibility of parole being granted to a violent convict, Gregory Felder, due to a law approved by the Democratic controlled State legislature and signed into law by Governor David Paterson earlier this year.

     Senator Golden is reiterating his opposition to a New York State law that makes it easier for terminally and chronically ill violent inmates to be released from jail on parole. Prisoners who can request parole on these grounds do not have to only be terminally ill, but can be approved for release if a state doctor believes them to be of no threat to the public.

     Senator Marty Golden stated, “Why doesn’t the State of New York understand that this is the most ridiculous, and one of the most dangerous ways, to save money in this year’s budget? Governor Paterson and the Democratic Senate and Assembly put the value of a dollar ahead of keeping New Yorkers safe by keeping convicts in jail. You can’t just put convicts on the streets, the same streets as our families, and expect them to all of a sudden become good citizens.”

Golden continued, “This law is a great insult to all New Yorkers, especially the family of Christopher Gilardi, who Gregory Felder killed. Mr. Felder should never again walk the same streets as anyone who calls New York home. I plan to work to try and overturn this measure, because if one law abiding New Yorker is hurt by a released violent criminal, this plan has cost too much. Those convicted of crimes must serve out their sentencing in jail, not anywhere else.”