Senator Golden Disappointed with Latest MTA Misstep Effecting Brooklyn Subway Riders

Martin J. Golden

January 28, 2011

Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) took the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to task today for its treatment of stranded riders, as published reports today indicate, on an N train Wednesday night. After confusion and a lack of communication to riders, around 100 people, who some are residents of his district, were left stranded in Coney Island overnight. Commuters taking D train service into Brooklyn late Wednesday night were rerouted to the N line and then left there for four hours, after it was decided service would be discontinued and riders were informed they would have to make alternative travel arrangements.

Senator Golden said, “While the MTA is not responsible for the rough weather Wednesday, it is responsible for providing riders with reliable and safe service. Providing reliable service is not only about making sure the trains run on time, but also communicating with riders when service is going to change. This is especially true when a lack of communication might result in paying customers being stranded in a location far from home with no alternatives for getting home.”

Golden continued: “This incident is reflective of a disturbing trend we are witnessing in the MTA’s behavior toward its customers. Service is being reduced while fares are being increased. Communication is lacking while more and more changes are going into effect. The MTA needs to make a better effort at going out of its way to do the little things for customers that are already struggling with drastic changes in service.”

Senator Golden is currently negotiating with the MTA in court to restore some of the service lost in June 2010.