Senator Golden, District Attorney Hynes, 13th Avenue Merchants & Lutheran Medical Center Remind Parents and Seniors That Stores Are a ‘Safe Stop’ in Times of Crisis

Martin J. Golden

February 17, 2012

Brooklyn, NY –Senator Martin J. Golden today joined Kings County District Attorney Hynes, The 13th Avenue Merchant Association, and representatives from Lutheran Medical Center, to announce the addition of 17 stores on 13th Avenue to the Safe Stop Program at Kaktus, a children’s clothing store, located at 7511 13th Avenue.

“Almost a decade ago, Safe Haven was a program that let the community know, in times of danger, that our local stores will provide a safe place to contact the authorities and seek asylum,” stated Senator Golden. “Today, we come together to announce Safe Stop, and continue that program. Safe Stop, spearheaded by District Attorney Hynes, gives a safe place for both seniors and students to go to when they are lost, hurt, or in danger.”

“The number of Safe Stop locations, which has now reached 218, and the community enthusiasm about opening even more is evidence of their value and our commitment to work with the community to ensure the safety of all Brooklyn residents,” said District Attorney Hynes.

Dominick Sarta & Tatiana Nicoli, co-Presidents of The 13th Avenue Merchants Association, stated the following, "Dyker Heights has always been a safe family neighborhood where everyone knows each other and you know your neighbors have your children's safety at they know they can rely on their merchants as well! The 13th Avenue Merchants are a strong community mostly made up of Dyker Heights residents. We live here, our children go to school here and they will always be safe here. We're happy to work with the District Attorney's Office and Senator Golden's Office to make 13th Avenue a Safe Stop Avenue."

Lutheran Medical Center was also in attendance, showcasing one of its ambulances as a Safe Stop. Lutheran was the first hospital to receive a Safe Stop designation and registered nine community health center sites

The Safe Stop program is coordinated through The Kings County District Attorney’s office and was instituted after the tragic death of Lieby Kletzky, who lost his way home last summer and was kidnapped and murdered in Brooklyn.