Senator Golden Joins WITH His Colleagues in Supporting Harsher Penalties for Reckless Driving in Construction Zones

Martin J. Golden

April 30, 2014

Albany – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today voted for legislation sponsored by Senator Diane Savino that would increase penalties for those who injure or kill a construction worker in a work zone.


“Speeding and reckless driving is a major issue throughout the state, and those who operate a motor vehicle in this manner, in a work zone, and cause injuries to workers, should face the harshest of penalties. Our state construction workers face dangers every day working on some of the most traveled roads in the country, and those who disregard their safety not only put the safety of these workers at risk, but the safety of everyone on the road. I want to thank my colleague for sponsoring this important piece of legislation, and proud cast my vote in favor of these life saving measures,” said Senator Golden.


This bill would establish tough new penalties for injuring or killing a construction worker that would serve as a deterrent to driving carelessly in a construction zone just as enhanced penalties for injuring or killing police officers serve as deterrents to the commission of those crimes.


The bill has been sent to the Assembly.