Senator Golden to Mta: “We Need Weekend Express Bus Service”

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) is announcing a petition drive calling on the Metropolitan Transit Authority to reinstate weekend express bus service on the X 27 and X 28 bus routes. Weekend express bus service, which Senator Golden helped to start in the 2002, was eliminated in June 2010 due to agency budget cuts.

Senator Marty Golden stated, “The elimination of the weekend express bus service on the X 27 and X 28 was a misguided service elimination made by the M.T.A as they sought to reduce the agency’s budget. The weekend express bus service is a necessary means of transportation for many residents of South Brooklyn who are seniors, who are disabled, and who work weekends. Furthermore, many local residents travel to Manhattan for entertainment, recreation and to accomplish other personal business items. For our quality of life, immediate restoration is so important.”

Golden continued, “Today, we hit the streets and board the buses, calling on the Metropolitan Transit Authority to bring back this service on behalf of this neighborhood. I helped to get weekend express buses rolling in 2002 because transportation alternatives in this community were far from adequate. One message I have repeatedly heard since we lost the weekend express bus in June is that we can not be without it. Many have brought to my attention that when express bus service is operating on a holiday or weekend schedule on a week day, there is no express bus service, because we don't have weekend service. This petition drive will send a message to the Metropolitan Transit Authority and we need them to listen to us."

The petition drive, organized by Senator Golden, is seeking the help of commuters, civic and community organizations to obtain a large number of signatures opposing the elimination of this service. The petition will be distributed at express bus stops, at community meetings and will be available to residents via the internet at

The petition reads, “We, the undersigned commuters, are calling on the Metropolitan Transit Authority to continue to reinstate weekend express bus service on both the X 27 and X 28 routes. The service, instituted in September 2002 and canceled in June 2010, is a vital mode of transportation for our senior citizens and our disabled, and those who work on the weekends. Furthermore, continued service allows an easy and affordable means to go to Manhattan for dining, entertainment and shopping which is a positive economic stimulus for our City.”

Residents, commuters and organizations wishing to join Senator Golden in the effort to save the weekend express bus service are encouraged to contact his office at (718) 238-6044 or contact him via Facebook at Martin J. Golden, or on Twitter @ SenMartyGolden to obtain a copy of the petition to assist in the local efforts.