Senator Golden Reminds Community to Clean Up After Your Dog or Face Increased Fine

Martin J. Golden

September 16, 2009

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) is reminding local residents of a law that went into effect last October, (Chapter 153 of 2008) that increased the maximum fine for non compliance with canine waste laws from $100 to $250 per violation.

     Senator Golden, who supported the legislation which amended a law passed in 1986, was recently contacted regarding the problem of dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs.

     Senator Golden stated, “It is inconsiderate and unhealthy to leave canine waste on the sidewalk, street or other public areas. This law will discourage repeat offenders by increasing the maximum penalty and encourage more owners to clean up after their dogs.  This new law will hopefully improve the quality of life of our community and our City.”

     Senator Golden continued, “As a dog owner myself, I understand the importance of picking up after your dog. By doing so, you keep the sidewalk in front of your home, and the homes on your block, or your local park, clean and in good condition for all to use. It is only by caring about your block and your neighborhood, that we are able to keep this community strong and a great place to live.”

     Anyone who knows of someone who regularly does not obey the law, should contact Senator Golden’s office, who will then notify Sanitation enforcement. Senator Golden’s office can be reached at (718) 238-6044 or via e-mail at