Senator Golden Reminds Community Residents to Be WARY of Utility Company Scams

Martin J. Golden

November 18, 2010

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), the Ranking Member of the Crime Victims, Crime, and Correction Committee, in response to recent complaints received by his office, is reminding community residents of the danger of utility company scams in our neighborhoods. The most recent complaints have involved companies and individuals, often pretending to be from National Grid, contacting residents on the phone or in person. Attempts are made to confuse residents into buying their gas service or may even intentionally break equipment in a home or building and solicit the company’s services for repairs

Senator Marty Golden stated, “There continue to be unscrupulous companies and outright con artists who prey on unsuspecting home and building owners and managers. Whether in the form of a company using deceptive practices to convince you to switch to them, or in the form of an individual posing as National Grid to gain entry to your home, these entities are out to take from you without your consent.” Senator Golden, a member of the New York State Senate Committee on Aging Committee, has warned constituents of this problem in the past, pointing out that seniors are often the targets of these scams.

“While residents have the right to choose who will provide utilities to their homes, they should be mindful of the reality of scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and never sign any contracts without doing your research. When in doubt, always contact the utility company to confirm the identity of anyone who is at your home or is calling you on their behalf,” continued Senator Golden.

Residents are cautioned to be wary of companies claiming to be Brooklyn Union Gas, which no longer exists, and companies with unsavory track records of scamming. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Senator Golden’s office at (718) 238-6044.