Senator Golden: Resolution Commemorating the Life of the Late Senator Mega Approved by State Senate

Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today introduced a New York State Senate Legislative Resolution (J. 2884) during session honoring the late Senator Christopher J. Mega, who died on Sunday, October 30, 2011. Members of the Mega Family, including his wife Madelyn, were in the Senate Gallery during the discussion and vote on the resolution which was unanimously approved.

Mega, who served as a State Senator, State Assemblyman, State Judge and long time civic leader, graduated from Fort Hamilton High School, studied at St. Francis College and attended Brooklyn Law School.

A copy of the Resolution and a photo, featuring Senator Hugh Farley and Senator Betty Little, joined Senator Golden, Madelyn Mega (Mrs. Christopher Mega), and family.

Senator Golden delivered the following remarks on the Senate floor in support of the Resolution:

“Today, I introduce a Resolution to remember the life of one who served in the New York State Senate, to posthumously honor the late Christopher J. Mega, a man who I was so privileged to have known and worked with for so many years.Chris Mega, a former New York State Senator, Assemblyman and State Judge, died this past Fall. With his death, New York State lost a giant. A true public servant. A man who like no other served the people of Brooklyn, New York City and the Empire State with dignity and good will.

Chris is survived by his wife, Madelyn, who is with us here today, his twin sons, Christopher and Jeffrey, two daughters, Valerie (and her husband Joe) & Jacqueline, as well as grandchildren, one of whom is here today, his granddaughter Victoria. To the Mega Family I say welcome back to the State Senate, where your husband, your father and your grandfather, served New York so well. Today, I proudly offer this tribute so to remember the good works and the extraordinary record of public service of that of the one and only Chris Mega.

Chris Mega was a man who did so much for the community he lived in and represented, and for two of the three branches of State Government, the Judicial and Legislative. The people who were represented by Chris Mega were very lucky people. They had one of the best legislators I have ever known, a man who truly gave it his all.

If you called upon Chris Mega to help you, he tried everything possible to make sure you got the assistance necessary. And when Chris Mega sat on the bench, he was an honest jurist who truly believed in the Constitution and dedicated himself to the practice and good of the law.

Personally, I will never forget that Chris Mega told me one thing, 'People want to see you, to be a part of you, and to know that you’re going to respond to their needs.' I have never forgotten those words and continue to live by them as I serve parts of the same district which he did.

You never heard a bad word spoken about Chris Mega. Upon his death, he was described in local media reports by former colleagues in government by phrases such as: “A very decent guy”, “Forthright, honest and industrious”, “the perfect elected politician, a gentleman’s gentleman”, and “The definition of integrity was Chris Mega”. For all that Chris Mega did for the people of Brooklyn and for the people of New York State, I urge passage of this resolution.

Today we remember a Statesman who answered the call to public service and for that, we are all the better.”