Senator Golden Says “We Need Results – Not Talk on the Freedom Towers”

Martin J. Golden

May 08, 2009

Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) has called on Governor Paterson and Speaker Silver to stop issuing press releases on the need to build the Freedom Towers and to actually start doing something. Senator Golden has urged the Governor and Speaker to obtain federal stimulus money earmarked for the building of the Freedom Towers, and to set a firm timeline for construction. The Freedom Towers would consist of three buildings totaling more than 7.5 million square feet.

"New York City has had a hole in its heart since 9/11. That hole cannot be filled, and the pain of that day cannot be lessened until we build the Freedom Towers. The attack on the World Trade Center is recognized around the world as the image of September 11, 2001. The Governor and Assembly Speaker are big on talk and short on results. New Yorkers deserve better than to have their alleged leaders issuing statements without any follow through. New York, New Jersey, the nation and the world by providing the economic stimulus needed to build the three Freedom Towers in lower Manhattan. Americans are dying to see freedom rise at the former World Trade Center site," said Senator Golden.


The Port Authority and the property developer, Larry Silverstein, are currently in discussions regarding the funding of the construction of the Freedom Towers. Financial concerns seem to again be halting progress at this site, delaying the completion of construction by up to 30 years.

"The working families of our great State should not be held hostage by the bureaucrats of the Port Authority. The Governor need to step up to the place and deliver for our working families. We need jobs and we need them now. The offices in these planned buildings will provide a real economic stimulus to New York and America once they are built and operational. It’s time for our Democrat leaders to act. Issuing a rash of releases on a Friday afternoon is an insult to every person who cares about the building of the Freedom Towers. There is no greater area in American that requires economic recovery than Ground Zero."