Senator Golden to School Bus Drivers: Let’s Get Back to the Bargaining Table and Back to Work

Martin J. Golden

January 16, 2013



Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), like all New York City residents, is this morning waking up to a school bus strike effecting more than 152,000 New York City public school students, and has issued this statement urging leaders of ATU Local 1181 and the City of New York, to immediately resume negotiations so to reach a deal and return school bus service.


“As the State Senate Chairman of the Civil Service and Pensions Committee, I understand the complexity of union contract talks. However, it is critical that both sides continue to work towards a sound agreement that satisfies the 8,000 bus drivers and provides safe and reliable bus service on 1,100 City routes.


This morning throughout the five boroughs unfortunately, school buses never left their depots and an alternative means of transportation for our students had to be found. Our families and our City will make sure that throughout the duration of this strike, our students are not denied access to education.


We need a deal that recognizes the hard work of our school bus drivers, and that keeps these transportation costs controlled.”


Senator Marty Golden also yesterday called upon Mayor Bloomberg and New York City Department of Transportation to suspend Alternate Side of the Street Parking regulations as part of the school bus strike transportation and safety contingency plan.