Martin J. Golden

March 13, 2018

This week I have introduced legislation, S. 7875, designed to increase the ability of schools to detect guns more effectively with scanner technology as an improvement over traditional metal detectors. The next generation scanning technology I am proposing is leaps and bounds ahead of outmoded metal detectors, which are slow, bulky, intrusive and inconvenient. Your article is correct, however, in the fact that the technology detailed would definitely be wrong for our schools. We need to protect our students without making them feel as if they are passing through a TSA checkpoint on their way to class. This technology accomplishes that goal.

This quick capacity smart sensor threat detection system I propose is recognized as the least intrusive object detection system on the market. The scanners are thoroughly vetted and approved for scanning individuals of all ages. To ensure safety, the state of the art scanners utilize pulse induction and magnetometers, and does NOT employ dangerous X-ray technology. It is so harmless, individuals with pacemakers or pregnant women can pass through without worry.

Industry insiders state that the system incorporates technology unlike the detectors used by the TSA. The proposed threat detection system uses two sensors: the first sensor, the magnetometer, is 100% passive and has zero emission of any signal used today. The second sensor, the induction balance sensor, has a Very Low Frequency (VLF) signal that is pulsed 12kHz, but only 10% of the time. The effective emission is 0.017 uW/cm2 maximum. The limit set by FCC to be “continuous exposure” with no harm is 200 uW/cm2. This system is 11,000 times under that limit. The emission is radio waves not X-Ray, millimeter (mmWave) nor microwave. As previously stated, the system DOES NOT expose any harmful radiation of any type to users or those being screened. The technology is 100% unobtrusive and non-invasive. No imaging occurs that is neither revealing, has cultural sensitivities, nor negative implications. The photos taken is only to show the overlay of the detections that the sensors locate. The bottom line is the technology is safe, effective and considerate of the individual.

Additionally, corporations with strict human resource regulations have chosen this technology because it does not infringe on employees’ rights or privacy. It is unfortunate that your reporter decided to spread misinformation to incite fear in parents. This scanning system will quickly and accurately identify a student attempting to bring a dangerous weapon into school. The scanners have the ability to detect objects with iron, nickel, cobalt, copper and more. These systems are inconspicuous, and have the ability to detect high-risk items in addition to firearms, such as knives, brass knuckles and improvised weapons. Sadly, our schools have become soft targets and current security protocols are not sufficient to protect our students. Incorporating this technology in our schools, along with a police officer, will give parents peace of mind and needed security for students. It is important that we utilize every possible safety measure to protect our teachers and students.