Senator Golden Sends Second Letter to Mta Regarding Planned Service Cuts

Martin J. Golden

March 15, 2010

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) today has issued a second letter to Chairman Jay Walder of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, urging salvation of services in his district currently planned for elimination.

The letter is attached.


March 15, 2010

Chairman Jay Walder

Metropolitan Transit Authority

347 Madison Avenue

New York, New York 10017

Dear Chairman Walder,

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, as a chartered public authority, is charged with providing necessary transportation services to downstate residents. Since New York has been suffering from a crippling economic downturn, affordable, reliable transportation has become even more critical for the people of our State. This is why I am calling on you to intervene for every New Yorker who utilizes transportation services in Borough of Brooklyn and stop the unfair and ill conceived cuts being proposed.

The cuts being proposed by the MTA will have a negative effect on the local economy of Brooklyn, as well as the quality of life of thousands of our residents. Currently, the MTA is proposing the elimination of the B37 bus route, and the weekend express bus services on the X27 and X28 routes. While I understand that a reduction in some areas might be needed to help deal with the shortfalls in MTA revenues, the complete elimination of services needed by working families and countless seniors is foolish.

When you examine the cumulative effects of all the proposed service eliminations and reductions, the effect will hurt local businesses and my constituents. It is vital that you reject the elimination of the bus service on the B37, the weekend express services on the X27 and X28, and maintain separate weekday uptown and downtown express bus of the X37 and X38 routes.

The service reduction plan also calls for the complete elimination of the B23 bus service and the overnight service on the B 31 route, which is the only way into and out of Gerritsen Beach. Additionally, there are proposed changes to overnight, weekday and weekend service on the B4, B16 and B64 bus routes.

Until there is a commitment to the continuation of bus service, this will continue to be an issue of concern.


 Martin J. Golden

State Senator