Senator Golden Sponsored Legislation to Protect City Workers Signed Into Law Today by Governor Cuomo

Martin J. Golden

August 17, 2012

Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), the Chairman of the State Senate Civil Service and Pensions Committee, today is announcing that Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law two bills he introduced, S. 3809A, and S. 7720, that creates better protections for City sanitation workers and social service workers.

S. 3809A would make it a Class D felony to assault a New York City sanitation worker while they are on the job performing their duties.

Senator Golden stated, “This is the year that we have stood up against physical violence against the men and women who are the more than 6,000 members of New York’s Strongest. Our Sanitation workers who serve our City so well, and their families, deserve this safety to guard them as they do their work. I am proud to have sponsored this legislation and believe that this law will deter criminal acts against Sanitation workers.”

The Governor also signed legislation today, S. 7720, that will enhance the criminal penalties for assaulting employees of a local social services district while in the performance of their duties, making it a Class D felony. Last year, 61 employees of the City’s three social services agencies were assaulted, a 10 percent increase from 56 assaults in 2010.

Senator Golden stated, “I am proud that this bill was today signed into law to better protect our social services workers who are on the front lines of the government’s efforts to protect and care for those in need. Statistics show this is a very dangerous job and this increased protection will protect our dedicated employees.”