Senator Golden Starts Petition Drive to Fight Against m.t.a’s Planned Service Cuts Set to Greatly Impact District

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today is announcing that he has begun to circulate two petitions in response to the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s planned devastating services reductions to bus service in his district.

Senator Golden has authored two petitions, one opposing service cuts to the B31 in Marine Park and Gerritsen Beach and one opposing the complete elimination of the B37 bus route, as well as weekend service on the X 27 and X 28 bus routes. The petitions also oppose the planned elimination of free student metro cards.

Senator Golden stated, “I just can’t figure out the M.T.A.’s rationale in approving a substantial series of cuts that will severely impact my district and all of Brooklyn. If the plans go through, residents can say goodbye to overnight service on the B31 which is the only mode of public transportation in and out of Gerritsen Beach. And the residents of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights will lose weekend express bus service and the entire 3rd Avenue bus service.”

Golden continued, “And it goes further. This community and this borough stand to lose the B23 in Borough Park and overnight service on the B64. And to add insult to injury, on top of all of this, the plans call for the elimination of free student metro cards during a time of financial woes for families across this City. We cannot and will not accept this. We must join together, residents, merchants, students, senior citizens and all, in opposing these ridiculous cuts.”

Senator Marty Golden’s petitions are available at his offices located at 7408-5th Avenue or at 3604 Quentin Road or by calling (718) 238-6044 and on this website.  Senator Golden and his staff will be distributing posters to local merchants to display in their store windows to encourage the community’s participation in this petition drive. Residents are encouraged to e-mail Senator Golden at to express opposition to these cuts.