Senator Golden Statement on Governor Paterson’s Proposed Changes to Mta Mobility Tax

Martin J. Golden

February 09, 2010

Albany - State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) issued the following statement in response to Governor Paterson’s proposed “improvements” to the MTA mobility tax in his 21-day amendments to the 2010-2011 Executive Budget:

“One would never know that Governor David Paterson used to represent part of New York City as a member of the State Senate. This proposal is anything but an “improvement” for New York City. It is more like another step toward asking businesses in the Big Apple to close and for even more jobs be lost under his watch.

It seems that officials are continuing to look to New York City to carry a greater portion of the burden of the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s fiscal irresponsibility. Yet at the same time, the five boroughs are always the first targeted for service reductions, suspension of capital projects and other cost cutting measures. Right now, in my district and across New York City, bus service is being threatened that will negatively impact the quality of life of New Yorkers going to and from work, as well as stranding seniors and students. What an insult to ask us to pay even more at the same time we are being told to expect less service. It just doesn’t add up.

I continue to strongly oppose this unbalanced MTA mobility tax. This amendment shows no consideration for New York City, and as such, as a State Senator representing Brooklyn’s 22nd Senate District, I plan to give this proposal no consideration either.”

Governor Paterson's proposal eliminates the current flat Mobility Tax structure which is set at 0.34 percent of payroll for all Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District. The plan would increase the tax rate for New York City business to 0.54 percent of payroll and cuts the tax rate in half for business outside NYC in the MCTD to 0.17 percent.