Senator Golden Support Legislation to Permanently Account for Convicted Sex Offenders

Martin J. Golden

May 07, 2012

Albany – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), after the Senate passage of S1828, sponsored by Senator Skelos, issued the following statement:

“Today I stand with my colleagues and proudly support this important legislation. There is no reason why any convicted sex offender should ever have their name removed from the registry. The sex offender registry was created so that parents could protect their children, and if someone can get a free pass, then the system doesn’t work as it should.

“I want to thank Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos for sponsoring this important piece of legislation, and call on my colleagues in the Assembly to pass this as quickly as possible.”

S1828 would require all sex offenders to register for life. The legislation also eliminates the right of level 3 sex offenders classified as such on or before March 11, 2002 to petition a court for relief from the duty to register with the sex offender registry.