Senator Golden Updated on Owl’s Head Sewer Plant

Martin J. Golden

June 23, 2009

 Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) recently met with officials  of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, including Commissioner Steven Lawitts, to receive a briefing on the status of the two odor-control projects currently underway at the Owl’s Head Sewage Treatment Plant.

     The first, expected to be completed in early July, is the installation of aluminum covers atop the nine primary tank effluent launders. The soon to be newly installed covers, which have rubber gasket seals, replace the laminated plywood covers that were installed in early 2007.  Aluminum covers are also being installed on the primary tank distribution channel.

     In addition, the extension to the Residuals Handling Building is currently underway which is scheduled to be completed in December, 2010.  This new building will house grit and screenings containers in an odor-controlled environment.  Previously, these containers were stored outdoors while awaiting pickup.

     “I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet with senior Department of Environmental Protection officials, including Commissioner Steven Lawitts, and to receive an update on the construction and improvements taking place at the Owl’s Head Sewer Plant.  I was impressed to see the work going on at the plant and am confident that the Bay Ridge community will receive the much needed relief from the bad odors that they have been experiencing. Progress is on the way for sure,” said Senator Marty Golden.

     Senator Golden continued, “For the quality of life of all residents, those in their nearby backyards or pools, those fishing on the American Veteran’s Memorial Pier, or those walking along Shore Road enjoying our parkland, be assured that we are looking forward to early July when those aluminum covers are installed and odors are greatly reduced. And it will be even better next year when the new building is completed.”