Senator Golden Votes in Favor of a Bill to Help Breast Cancer Patients Recover From a Partial Mastectomy

Martin J. Golden

June 18, 2012

Albany - State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today voted to support legislation that would help some breast cancer patients by requiring insurance companies to cover reconstruction for partial mastectomies.

S. 3801A adds partial mastectomies to the law that already covers reconstruction for full mastectomies. It would ensure that breast cancer patients who undergo the partial loss of a breast have reconstruction as an option covered by insurance.

Senator Golden stated, “Partial mastectomy is the most common form of breast cancer surgery and should be required to be covered by insurance providers. We want women who are diagnosed with breast cancer to concentrate on beating the disease and recovering, not worrying about whether insurance will pay for reconstruction if they are undergoing a partial mastectomy As science progresses and techniques to treat breast cancer advance, it makes sense that the law keep up with these advances by treating reconstruction as an option that is covered by insurance for both full and partial mastectomies.”


The bill will be sent to the Assembly.