Senator Golden Warns the Medicaid Redesign Team to Be Mindful of the Dedication and Service of Safety Net Hospitals

Martin J. Golden

February 24, 2011

Senator Martin Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today cautioned Governor Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Team against advancing proposals that would directly lead to the reduction of essential services and the possible closing of some city hospitals that serve our most vulnerable population.

“While no one is disputing the need for Medicaid cuts and reforms, we need to be mindful of where these cuts will hurt the most. Some of the initial staff recommendations for the redesign team if adopted would severally limit hospital reimbursements for mandated services. The resulting financial pressure will result in a citywide reduction in necessary services and likely hospital closures. In just the past four years Brooklyn and the city as a whole have experienced a number of hospital closures.” Senator Golden said.

“ Our safety net hospitals, several of which serve my district, rely heavily on Medicaid funding since they serve significant percentages of people without private health insurance. An across the board cut as proposed in Medicaid funds can have a devastating impact on these hospitals” Senator Golden concluded.

Safety net hospitals are in many cases the sole provider of services to seniors, families and children in some of New York City’s communities.