Senator Golden Welcomes Walgreen Company Officials to New 3rd Avenue Store

Martin J. Golden

September 17, 2009

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) this week welcomed officials from the Walgreen Company office in Illinois to the newest store, located at the corner of 95th Street and 3rd Avenue, having promised to meet on site to discuss food items to be sold at this location.


The meeting was held in response to Senator Golden’s letters, phone conversations, and his forwarding of a list of groceries requested by local residents to be sold at the Walgreen’s in following the closing of the Key Food Supermarket at this location.


Senator Golden stated, “I am proud to have welcomed Walgreen Company officials to Brooklyn and for their commitment to insuring that we have a customer driven store in our community. From the moment we first heard that Walgreen’s would replace Key Food, this community cried out for the need to have an extensive selection of groceries available to meet their shopping needs. I am glad that Walgreen’s has listened to us and has incorporated our needs into the operation of this store.”


Senator Golden continued, “In my meeting with the officials, I saw the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables which are available including apples, bananas, potatoes, lettuce, pears, pineapples, celery, carrots, oranges, etc. In addition, there is an extensive array of other consumable items including canned goods, bread, cakes, frozen foods, cereals, and beverages. I think the grocery section of this Walgreen’s, in terms of prices and selection, provides the community with an opportunity to shop for groceries.”


The Walgreen’s store, located at 9408-3rd Avenue, maintains a suggestion box and accepts comments from customers.


Picture #1- Walgreen's officials including Store Manager Frank Sorci and Hien Nguyen, the District Manager for Brooklyn, join Senator Marty Golden and Bay Ridge residents Carmela Starace and Arlene Fischelli, in the produce section of the new Walgreen's store recently opened on 3rd Avenue.