Senator Marty Golden Meets WITH Community Leaders at the Arab American Association of New York

Martin J. Golden

February 07, 2012

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) recently met with leaders of the Yemeni American Association of Bay Ridge, the Beit Al Maqdis Islamic Center, the Moroccan American House Association, the World Lebanese Cultural Union, the Egyptian American Community Foundation, the Arab American Association of New York and local business leaders to provide an update on his workings within the State Senate and the community, and discuss areas of concerns. He has issued this statement:

“As a founding member of the Bay Ridge Unity Task Force, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with representatives of some of the community organizations that are part of the Arab American Association of New York. I recognize that the continued dedication of these groups, and their members, has made a difference in our community. I found our meeting to be very productive and allowed me a chance to talk about the issues on the minds of the AAANY.

Our discussion made known the fact that I join with these organizations in supporting the New York City Police Department’s efforts to combat radical extremism and terror threats so to keep us all safe. The Police Department must follow up, 100%, on all leads and investigate any place where criminal or terrorist activity is suspected. There is nothing more important than making sure we can live safely here in our City, State and Nation.

I must say that recent reports about police surveillance unfairly profiling individuals based solely on religion is alarming. The Muslim American members of my district, like those of all faiths whom I represent, are committed to keeping all houses of worship free from violent extremism. There is no place for such wrongful acts of hatred and we can never let anyone fear their worshipping of their God.

Finally, recent reports have found that NYPD personnel have viewed a controversial documentary, “The Third Jihad”. I join with Mayor Bloomberg in believing poor judgment was used in having this video show on NYPD property. I look forward to working together with the Arab American Association of New York as we focus on building a better quality of life for our neighborhood.”