Senator Marty Golden Votes Against Mta Bailout Plan

Martin J. Golden

May 07, 2009

State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today voted against the Senate Democrat MTA bailout plan which increases taxes, fees, and fares throughout the entire MTA region.

“Our legislative system is broken if I have to read the details of the Senate Democrat MTA plan in the newspapers. In my community, I spearheaded the fight against raising fares and cutting services. My office organized a petition drive, to fight against the fare increases and service reductions, that proved critical in allowing our community’s voice to be heard. I also testified against the fare and service reduction at an MTA hearing in January. What the Senate Democrats did today will hurt every person in New York City,” said Senator Golden.

The Senate Democrat MTA plan creates a total of $2.27 billion in taxes, fees, and toll/fare increases. Parts of the plan includes a payroll tax, a surcharge on taxi rides, increases in vehicle registration and raises license registration and rental car fees.

“It is no secret that the finances of the MTA are in complete disarray. They are accountable to no one and their debt continues to rise, while the service they provide fails its commuters. What the Senate Democrats did today was nothing more than take even more money from our working families in and dump it into the 'rathole' we call the MTA,” continued Senator Golden.

“This bailout neither fixes the financial problems of the MTA nor prevent fare hikes and surchages from being implemented. What the Senate Democrats did will cause families to lose their jobs and pay more for life’s necessities. This was another missed opportunity to fix a system which is broken and now, we must wonder when and what will be the true cost to solving this problem down the road,” concluded Senator Golden.