Sing for Hope Pianos in Bay Ridge Parks

Martin J. Golden

June 04, 2013

This summer, from June 1st through June 16th, the Sing for Hope Pianos return to our city streets. In one of New York City's most vibrant public art installations, 88 artist-designed pianos (one for each key on a piano) are placed in parks and public spaces throughout the 5 boroughs for anyone and everyone to enjoy. 

The Shore Road Parks Conservancy has secured two pianos: 

1- Shore Road Park at the 90th St Gazebo

2- Owl's Head Park (68th Street & Colonial Road), next to the Park House   

There will be Sing For Hope Piano Concerts managed and facilitated by the Conservancy at both locations, further details of these can be found at

We also welcome you to come tickle the ivories during days/hours that we do not have scheduled concerts.

The artists responsible for the decoration of the piano at the Gazebo area are "KiiK Create" which is a collaboration between Manoela Madera and Gray Edgerton. They create a range of art and design projects, including, but not limited to, fine art exhibitions, public art projects, furniture, and graphic design.

The artist responsible for the decoration of the piano in Owl's Head Park is Misha Tyutyunik, a Brooklyn Based, contemporary painter, working mostly in acrylics and mixed media.  Born in Soviet Ukraine, Misha came to the United States with his family in the summer of 1991.  He is a Pratt Institute graduate with a bachelor's degree in fine arts. 

Contact info: 

1- Shore Road Park at the 90th St Gazebo - Linda Allegretti (917 693 3369)

2- Owl's Head Park - Dave Matthews (718 748 9522)