State Legislators Propose Tougher Penalties Against Child Predators

Martin J. Golden

October 07, 2011

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) and
Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-C, Brooklyn/Staten Island)  today
announced they are sponsoring legislation that will increase the penalties
for predators who attempt to lure or entice a child by various means. The
bill would enhance penalties for those who solicit youths for criminal
activity or sexual encounters by using a vehicle, meeting in a secluded
area, or through social media. The lawmakers made the announcement at a
press conference held outside the Bay Ridge Branch of the Brooklyn Public

   The legislation would increase the penalty to a class D felony when a
person over the age of 18 is found guilty of attempting to lure or entice a
child under the age of 17 into a vehicle, building or other isolated area
for the purposes of committing a criminal offense.  Current law charges
those who endanger the welfare of a child in such instances with a class A

     Additionally, the increased penalty would also apply to those who
lure or harass knowingly, someone under the age of 17, by means of computer
communication in order to solicit a sexual encounter or to commit a
criminal offense with or against. Current law does not specifically address
the harassment of a child via computer.

   Senator Marty Golden, a former New York City Police Officer stated,
“We have heard enough horror stories of predators that have used the
computer to chat and e-mail with the youth of our community for all the
wrong reasons.  I join with my colleague, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis,
in standing up for all children and families here in New York State, so
that we can increase penalties for such crimes and better protect our

   Golden continued, “In this day in age, we must do all we can to
protect our children at all times.  Whether they are walking home from
school, or playing in the park, or surfing the web, there needs to be laws
on the book to safeguard our children.”

     Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis “In our evolving world of
technology, children are increasingly susceptible to sexual predators. It
is crucial for state government to modify laws to keep pace with our
ever-changing landscape and close loopholes that allow criminals to prey on
vulnerable children. This legislation will help law enforcement lock up
sexual predators before they have the chance to execute a despicable act,
and I am proud to stand with Senator Golden today to combat the threat of
sexual abuse against children.”