Statement by Senator Golden on Court Ruling “Three Strikes and You’re Out” Unconstitutional

Martin J. Golden

April 01, 2010

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R,C,I-Brooklyn) has issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s federal appeals court ruling finding that a key provision of New York State’s “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law sentencing repeat offenders more harshly is unconstitutional.

“New York’s ‘three strikes’ law helps keep dangerous career criminals off our streets and behind bars where they belong. Unfortunately, this court ruling now threatens to undermine the safety and security of communities throughout New York, and it’s just one more sign that our State and Federal decision makers are moving our criminal justice system in the wrong direction.

“By eliminating parole for violent felons, toughening penalties for sex offenders and enacting New York’s ‘three strikes’ law, Senate Republicans helped produce record-breaking drops in crime for more than a decade. We now stand ready to enact an immediate fix to this law to help ensure that it remains a key part of New York’s criminal justice statutes.

“Unfortunately, Senate Democrats seem intent on weakening New York’s criminal justice system, and to releasing more and more criminals back into our community. From last year’s passage of the ‘Drug Dealers Protection Act’, to the idea that the State can save money by paroling violent criminals, the Senate Democrats continue to demonstrate a shocking lack of concern for the safety of law abiding citizens.

“At a time when New York City and 22 other counties across our great State are seeing increases in crime, it is critical that we work harder than ever to keep our friends and loved ones safe. New Yorkers deserve a criminal justice system that protects them from harm – and not a revolving door that lets predators and career criminals back on our streets.”