Statement by Senator Golden on Governor’s Proposal to Allow Wine Sales in Grocery Stores

Martin J. Golden

February 01, 2010

Brooklyn - State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, 22nd Senate District) today issued the following statement in response to Governor David Paterson’s proposal to allow the sale of wine in grocery stores across the State of New York:

“Governor Paterson is again proposing to allow the sale of wine in grocery stores across New York State.  I guess the Governor didn’t pay attention last year when liquor stores across the State, from Brooklyn to Buffalo, signed petitions, rallied and opposed this measure that would hurt business and would force many mom-and-pop liquor stores to close. And at the same time, I guess the Governor wants to increase the presence of underage drinking here in New York State because the more accessible it is, the more likely that wine is going to end up in the hands of those too young to be drinking.

In these trying economic times, the last thing we should be doing is asking the small liquor stores to compete with large chain stores, supermarkets and others.  If this proposal is approved, it will only cause great suffering for these small stores that keep people employed, that participate and support community events, and that are truly a part of neighborhoods.  If this happens, you will see people lose their jobs and liquor stores close, because they will simply not be able to compete.

I would urge the Governor to reconsider this proposal. This will only aid the problem of underage drinking here in New York State and it will cost many their jobs and force stores to close.”