Statement by Senator Golden on Senate Passage of Legislation to Create the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Act

Martin J. Golden

June 06, 2012

Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), following the State Senate’s passage of S5226A today that enacts the child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention act, has issued the following statement:

Senator Golden stated, “I cosponsored this bill passed by the New York State Senate today to make it so that internet predators will no longer have access to our children in New York without the severest of penalties attached. For too long these predators and perverts have had access through the internet to pry on our children, and we have comprehensive legislation to bring them to justice. I call upon my colleagues in the State Assembly to pass this bill this legislative session so we may protect our children from these child predators."

The Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Act implements aggressive measures to protect children from dangers from Internet predators, child pornography and child sexual abuse. It addresses a number of crimes including child sexual abuse, exploitation, pornography, and prostitution offenses and computer sex crimes against children.

The bill would protect children and aid law enforcement by: permitting the introduction of business records, especially internet service provider records, into evidence in grand jury proceedings; requiring registered sex offenders to provide verification of their Internet accounts and Internet screen names and permitting the Department of Criminal Justice Services to provide this information to Internet service providers; adding certain sexual crimes against children to the list of violent felony offenses; and toughening penalties involving minors in prostitution. The law encompasses many other areas of criminal activity to assist police and help victims.