Statement by Senator Golden on Shooting of Brooklyn South Shomrim Patrol Office

Martin J. Golden

September 02, 2010

Brooklyn – State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), a former New York City Police Officer and member of the State Senate Committee on Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections, has issued a statement in response to the shooting of four Brooklyn South Shomrim patrol officers last night:

“This is another example of how the Democratic controlled legislature has failed to protect law enforcement personnel and all New Yorkers. The only reason that a criminal with nine previous arrests is allowed to walk our streets and cause harm is because of the ineffectiveness of the Senate and Assembly Democrats. Here is an example of what I have been saying, that the weakened policies adopted by the Democratic Legislature puts us all in danger.

Repeated offenders belong in jail. Not on our streets, not enjoying freedom, not having the opportunity to injure lives and ruin neighborhoods.

I wish these four men a speedy recovery and thank them for their service to our community and to Brooklyn. I will continue to work towards establishing stricter penalties so we can lock up repeat offenders, not ignore the fact that they are a menace to society.”