Statement by Senator Marty Golden at the Brooklyn Borough New York City Water Board Meeting

Martin J. Golden

May 19, 2010

Brooklyn - State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) had the following statement read on his behalf last night before the New York City Water Board at their Brooklyn Borough meeting opposing the planned 12.9% water rate increase to be voted on Friday, May 21, 2010.


Good evening.

I am State Senator Martin J. Golden of Brooklyn’s 22nd Senate District and stand here tonight to urge the New York City Water Board to show some compassion for New Yorkers in these trying economic times, and to take that into consideration, as you soon will take a final vote and make a decision that will impact the pockets of all hard working New Yorkers.

Following this public hearing tonight, the last of six public hearings, the New York City Water Board will formally adopt the FY2011 water rate this Friday, May 21, 2010, and the new rate will become effective on July 1, 2010.

The Water Board is presently considering a rate increase of 12.9% for Fiscal Year 2011.

Despite the fact that this is less than the 14.3% rate increase that was originally projected last year, it is still too much to ask New Yorkers to pay.

In the worst economic times in recent memory, how can the New York City Water Board go to New Yorkers and ask them to pay another almost 13%. A 13% in increase in one year - I don’t know many things that increase at such a rate in only one year.

I know the Cost of Living Adjustment is not that great. I know salaries have not increased by as much. And I know that the rate of job growth is not at such a level.

So then how is it that the New York’s Water Board is proposing a 12.9% increase. How can we continue to ask families to pay more? Where does it stop?

The typical single-family subscriber will see an increase from $723 a year to $816 a year for water and sewer bills, an additional $8 a month.

We are forcing families out of New York, and forcing others to consider moving out. It is just getting too expensive to call New York home. We want our City to remain the greatest City in the world, with the greatest people living here, but we can not continually ask New Yorkers to pay more.

I would urge the New York City Water Board to strongly reconsider this rate of increase as proposed. I would ask that the New York City Water Board put forth a plan that is more affordable for all New Yorkers.