Statement From State Senator Golden on the Admission Charge for the 9/11 Memorial Museum

Martin J. Golden

January 24, 2014

Following the announcement that the September 11th Memorial Museum will be charging a $24.00 entrance fee, State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) released the following statement:


"It is absurd to charge $24.00 to enter the memorial museum. The adjourning World Trade Center memorial site is the focus for this museum. Hundreds of thousands of people make Downtown Manhattan their destination in order to visit the World Trade Center site. Simply visiting the site without visiting the museum would be an incomplete experience. $24.00 is prohibitive in that it defies the intent of the memorial to honor the tragedy and it prevents the general public from visiting the museum. Most troubling is the effect this will have on future generations, who will miss the important opportunity to experience the history and tragedy that took place due to this unreasonable cost.


“This answer to this is straight forward: Federal Funding should and must subsidize this museum. The Federal Government has a responsibility to ensure that all Americans can visit this museum so all those who visit New York can commemorate the loss of life that took place and learn of the acts of heroism.”