Statement From State Senator Martin J. Golden on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Budget Address

Martin J. Golden

January 22, 2014

Albany, NY – Following Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget address, State Senator Martin J. Golden issued the following statement.


“Today the Governor outlined his proposal for this year’s budget. I’m pleased that in two key areas, tax cuts and health care, we agree. Governor Cuomo highlighted the healthcare crisis facing Brooklyn and the Obama administration’s failure on behalf of our hospitals. Governor Cuomo is right in that without these waiver’s President Obama will essentially be closing some of Brooklyn’s hospitals .


“I am also pleased to see that Governor Cuomo has gone into more detail on his renter’s and property tax credits. These proposals, which will apply to renter’s who earn under $100k and property owner’s who earn under $200k, will leave many New Yorkers with more money in their pockets next year.


“While I support the Governor on the plans above, I have serious concerns with some of his proposals. I cannot in good conscience support any plan that uses tax-payer dollars to fund political campaigns. In crucial areas such as preschool special education, which have been proven effective, I will make every effort to ensure that these services remain intact for those children who desperately need it.”