Statement by State Senator Marty Golden on Approved Fare Hikes

Martin J. Golden

October 07, 2010

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), has issued a statement in response to the fare hikes approved by the MTA and scheduled to go into effect in January:

“The fare hikes approved this morning are further proof that the MTA does not care or understand that New Yorkers are struggling financially and really can’t afford to spend not even another penny on transportation.

To ask all straphangers to pay more, for less service, is arrogant on the part of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Students, families and our working class are going to feel these hikes in their wallets and will have to make sacrifices so to meet the expense of their new personal transportation budget.

This is the third fare hike since 2008. Three times, in two years, the MTA has looked New Yorkers in the eyes and said ‘Welcome aboard and by the way, we are increasing the fares again.’ The financial mismanagement of the MTA must be addressed for once and for all and that is why I have sponsored legislation to create an MTA Interim Finance Authority. The taxpayers and commuters deserve answers.”

Senator Marty Golden filed a lawsuit in June against the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s service cuts affecting the seniors and the disabled of his district . The next scheduled court hearing is October 21st at Supreme Court in Brooklyn.