Street Closure Notice from the 68th Precinct Community Council

Martin J. Golden

May 15, 2013

This Sunday, May 19th, will be the annual Norwegian Parade.


In order for this wonderful event to take place the following parking restrictions/street closures will be in place:


There will be no parking on the parade route beginning at 7:00am on Sunday morning. The route is as follows:

The parade will form on 3rd Avenue from 82nd Street to 79th Street starting at 11:30. It will kick off at 1:30pm at 79th Street going down Third Avenue. It will then turn eastbound (right) onto Bay Ridge Avenue and turn left onto Fifth Avenue. The marchers will continue to march on Fifth Avenue then will turn (right) onto 6th Avenue and continue to 7th Avenue (past the grandstand).


The above streets will also be closed to traffic starting at about noon (the formation area will be closed to traffic at about 11:00am).


We hope that the organizers, marchers and spectators all have a wonderful day!


-The 68th Precinct Community Council