Update on Flooding at Bay Ridge Avenue Train Station

Martin J. Golden

April 30, 2010

Senator Marty Golden is providing an update as a follow up to our press release from the end of March and letter to the MTA related to the leaking and flooding at the Bay Ridge Avenue train station.

We have received a response from the New York City Transit Authority and I want to share it with you at this time. We have been advised that station maintenance personnel responded to the water build-up at the Bay Ridge Avenue Station by snaking the mezzanine drain clear and allowing the water to recede. However, they have advised us that the wear and tear of the mezzanine floor over the years has caused it to pitch away from the drain and significantly increase the likelihood of water pooling again.

The New York City Transit Authority has assured us that they are currently looking into this matter to come up with a cost-effective solution. In the meantime, they have assured us that they will closely monitor the station during heavy rains and sweep water into the drain to control any build up.