Complete Streets Passes Senate

The New York State Senate unanimously passed legislation that would encourage municipalities to consider new street design standards for all users.

Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn), Ranking Member of the Transportation Committee, and a sponsor of the legislation, has been a strong advocate of Complete Streets legislation since introducing it last year.

“Transportation has changed. Not only in terms of costs but of the user. New Yorkers have always made use of multiple modes of transportation despite being no major changes to street designs to account for this until recently,” said Senator Dilan. “This legislation ensures all users are accounted for in future infrastructure planning and design.”

S.5411-A , co-sponsored by Senator Dilan, requires consideration of Complete Street design to accommodate all users. The legislation provides for exceptions based on the cost, support and need of Complete Streets design elements in certain projects. They are to be implemented only where applicable.

“This overdue legislation seeks to unite mixed use principles with existing infrastructure to the benefit of both in terms of cost and safety. It’s time we plan, design and build for a multi-modal state,” said Senator Dilan.

The measure also passed in the Assembly and is awaiting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature.