Governor Cuomo’s Tenant Protection Unit Targets Rent Regulated Saboteurs

Governor Cuomo announced that the state’s Tenant Protection Unit (TPU) has served a subpoena on JBI Management to investigate allegations of intentionally sabotaging rent regulated apartments to drive tenants out.

Senator Dilan introduced legislation to bolster the state’s Tenant Protection Unit’s ability to root out unscrupulous landlords. The measure would make sabotage of a rent regulated unit a felony. Harassment of tenants is currently a felony under existing law.

“It is not only unconscionable, but it is flat out illegal for any landlord to subject families to living without running water or a functioning bathroom or kitchen,” Governor Cuomo said. “We created the Tenant Protection Unit two years ago to protect rent-regulated tenants against this type of egregious harassment, clearly intended to drive tenants from their apartments. Today we are sending a clear message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and that we will fight to keep New York families protected and safe.”

State Senator Martin Dilan said, “Many of these buildings are in my district and I take these allegations very seriously. Landlords need to understand that they cannot come into this community and push out long-term, hardworking tenants to unlawfully profit. Thank you Governor Cuomo for your continued stance with the people to protect and preserve rent-stabilized housing in New York.”