Statement from Senator Martin Malavé Dilan

Martin Malavé Dilan

July 08, 2009

“This morning I opted to meet and speak with my Senate colleagues in the Latino caucus and other members of the Democratic Conference. The meeting was only to explore options to facilitate a solution to the now more than month-long standoff.

However, it has been construed that I have sided one way or another, or made a commitment; neither are true. I am committed to a solution to the stalemate.

It is also been suggested that because I choose to negotiate in good faith and explore every option, that I am “irrelevant” to other negotiations. I am not beholden by race or affiliation when it comes to reviewing a solution to the stalemate. I am beholden to my constituents who elected me.

Continued alienation of members within my own Conference has exacerbated negotiations, internally and externally. We should be untied as a Conference, and as such, afford each member the opportunity to weigh each operating proposal by its merits and not by who authored it.

I have had countless conversations within my Democratic Conference, negotiating with Senate Republicans on behalf of my Conference, including conversations on my own accord. This morning’s meeting was nothing more than a continuation of those talks to explore every option for a resolution.

These are extremely trying times for the people of New York and the people elected to serve them, myself included. I will continue to welcome and review any plan that seeks to end this stalemate, when given the opportunity, in the hopes of getting the Senate back to work.”