Senator Dilan on Proposals to Gut the Loft Law, Passage of Loft Law in Assembly

Dilan Stands Behind Loft Tenant Protections

“I have yet to advocate for tenants’ rights without my back to the wall. Opponents of protections such as the Loft Law, like to be certain that the choice is their offer or your home. This close of session will be no different. We have a Loft Law resolution in the works and it has passed the Assembly. I’ve spoken with tenants, and owners. I’ve heard the concerns. Now, a new group has emerged branding itself a community, while completely misrepresenting the facts about loft tenants and the law. This is the campaign in support of their own legislation.

“Loft tenants aren’t living rent free. If they are, they are on strike, not squatting. To comply with building codes, tenants and owners have agreed to share the cost of legally converting lofts. This share can’t force people out, that’s what we agreed to in the Loft Law. If tenants are withholding rent, it’s for good reason. The owner isn’t honoring the agreement. If this is the mentality behind this new Loft Law in the works, we have a problem."