Level the Playing Field: Collect Cigarette Taxes on Native American Businesses

Michael F. Nozzolio

March 26, 2010

The New York State Court of Appeals- the highest court in the State- heard arguments from Cayuga and Seneca Counties as they defended their decision to enforce New York State law and collect sales taxes from Native American businesses selling cigarettes to non-Native residents.  

Senator Nozzolio, who authored and enacted the legislation that called for the collection of taxes on Native American-sold cigarettes, commented, “We must level the playing field for our small businesses.  Albany cannot continue to tax and spend while allowing the unlawful sale of untaxed cigarettes to continue in our State.”

“You can be assured that I will continue to fight for the counties of our State and their right to collect cigarette taxes so that our small businesses have a chance to be competitive again,” concluded Senator Nozzolio.

You can watch the deliberations from the March 25th hearing, held in Syracuse, by following the link below.