Michael F. Nozzolio

May 01, 2009

Albany- State Senator Mike Nozzolio, advised consumers who were contemplating purchasing wine or beer in the coming days and weeks to make their purchases this Thursday. On Friday, May 1st, new taxes rammed through by Governor David Paterson and the New York City Democrats who now control the State Legislature, will take effect.

In the Finger Lakes region, the number of new wineries continues to grow and the development of specialty beers is also expanding. With a growing emphasis on agriculture and tourism, these new taxes send the absolute wrong message to businesses contemplating New York State as a place to operate."Taxes on wine sales will rise by over 11% and the tax on beer will increase by 3%. These are products that consumers all across New York State enjoy and purchase on a regular basis. These same individuals will now have to pay more of their hard earned money to buy these items," Nozzolio said.

This year the Governor and the Legislature, now controlled for the first time in decades by one political party and whose leaders are all from the City of New York, pushed through a New York State budget that was negotiated entirely in secret and which contains dozens of tax increases on hard working middle class families.

"Contrary to what the Governor and his Democratic colleagues have said, the taxes in this year’s budget are just not on the wealthy, they are on everyday New Yorkers who enjoy a beer while watching a ball game or who have a glass of wine with dinner after a long day. For these people who enjoy a beer or a glass of wine and who act responsibly, these additional taxes are another reason for their disillusionment and disappointment with New York State government," Senator Nozzolio said.

Senator Nozzolio voted against the tax increases, along with every other tax and fee increase in the State budget. Senator Nozzolio and his Republican colleagues proposed an alternative budget plan that would have reduced State spending without resorting to any tax or fee increases.

"The Federal stimulus money was our opportunity to lower taxes and reduce the debt being placed on taxpayers shoulders. Instead, Governor Paterson, Assembly Speaker Silver and Senator Malcolm Smith pushed though an addtional $8.3 billion in new taxes and fees - all without a dime for property tax relief," Senator Nozzolio said.