Reminder: Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Service Workers Eligible for $200 Tax Credit

Volunteer firefighters and emergency medical service (EMS) workers bravely serve our communities every day, putting their lives on the line and protecting the public. The debt and gratitude that we owe these men and women is tremendous.

 Each of our volunteer firefighters and EMS workers is eligible for a $200.00 refundable tax credit from New York State for their service. Even if a volunteer does not pay taxes or have other income, they are still eligible for this credit- they simply file a return using the IT-201 long form and fill out an IT-245.

If a volunteer firefighter or EMS worker has already filed a New York State income tax return, but neglected to declare this credit, they can file an amended return. You can visit for more information.


Thank you to all of our men and women volunteers for the outstanding work you do in our communities.