Senate Adopts Legislation Allowing for Non-Profit Organizations to Operate the State’s Organ Donation Registry

Michael F. Nozzolio

June 21, 2013

The State Senate today enacted legislation that will increase organ donation in New York State. This legislation, S.5046A, would allow a non-profit contractor to operate the New York State Donate Life Registry in an effort to increase organ donations.

Currently, the organ donation registry is run by the State. New York State is 48th in the nation for organ donation, however, the State has an ever increasing need for transplantable organs, eyes, and tissue. This legislation would help New York increase enrollment in the Donate Life Registry by adopting the successful model that other states are currently using.

“New York State has the third highest need for transplantable organs, and one New Yorker dies every 13 hours awaiting a transplant. Unfortunately, only 20 percent of our population is enrolled in the New York State Donate Life Registry,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio. “This legislation will increase enrollment by streamlining the registration process and creating new avenues for the promotion and growth of this life saving program.”

In eight of the top ten organ donation states, where more than 60 percent of eligible donors are on the registry, the operation and promotion of the registries have been turned over to non-profit organizations. Other large states such as California, Texas, Illinois and Florida have turned over their registries to a non-profit whose mission is dedicated to organ donation.

“This important legislation will save lives and help ensure access to transplant organs. As State Senator, I will continue my support of organ donation and protect the health and safety of New York’s children and families. I am hopeful that the Assembly will act without delay to adopt this important measure into law,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio.

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