Senator Mike Nozzolio Announces Adoption of Job-Creating Trade Zone Legislation

Michael F. Nozzolio

May 23, 2013

Senator Mike Nozzolio today announced that the New York State Senate has adopted legislation that will create the opportunity for Ontario, Livingston, Wayne, Seneca, Yates and Steuben Counties to apply to the federal government to participate in the Foreign-Trade Zone Program.    

“New York’s private sector small business owners, job creators and entrepreneurs are the engine for economic growth in our State and Nation,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio.  “This important legislation is the next step in our aggressive efforts to create jobs here in the Finger Lakes and will help our local job-producing businesses stay competitive in the global marketplace.  We must continue to do everything possible to create an environment where job-producing businesses can grow and create well paying jobs for our local residents.”

This legislation will help expand markets and increase sales for local job-producing businesses by allowing them to cut costs, streamline the customs process and create greater efficiencies.  The Foreign-Trade Zone Program is designed to level the playing field for American manufacturing companies so that they can retain and create new jobs in the United States.

Already passed by the Assembly, this legislation has been sent to Governor Cuomo to be signed into law.  This legislation was sponsored by Senators Mike Nozzolio, Tom O’Mara and Assemblymen Brian Kolb, Phil Palmesano and Bob Oaks.

The Foreign-Trade Zone program provides the competitive advantage that businesses need to keep their manufacturing and distribution operations in the United States. These include:

·        No duties on imported goods that are later re-exported;

·        Delayed payment of duties on goods that enter the U.S. market;

·        Manufacturing-specific benefits – that can include reduction of duties;

·        Elimination of duties on waste, scrap and rejected or defective parts;

·        Reductions in merchandise processing fees because zone users may be able      

         to file single customs “entry” - reducing costs for businesses.

“This legislation will help keep the Finger Lakes moving in the right direction and create a more favorable environment for businesses to create well paying new jobs.  I thank the Ontario, Seneca and Wayne Boards of Supervisors’ for their support as we worked to enact this important legislation.  As State Senator, I will continue my aggressive efforts to reduce the burden on New York’s hardworking taxpayers and support initiatives that help create well paying, private sector jobs,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio.

“I thank Senator Mike Nozzolio and his colleagues for their role in enacting this important legislation.  The expansion of the Foreign-Trade Zone Program will help local businesses in Ontario County and across the Finger Lakes create jobs and remain competitive.  We look forward to working with him to create new jobs and encourage investment here in the Finger Lakes,” said Jack Marren, Chairman of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors.  

“Senator Nozzolio and his colleagues are to be commended for their efforts to enact this important legislation,” said Jim Hoffman, Chairman of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors.  “This legislation is a step forward for jobs and economic development in Wayne County and our entire region.   This legislation will help our local manufacturing businesses remain competitive and create jobs.”

“The adoption of this legislation is great news for the taxpayers and job-producing businesses of Seneca County.  We thank Senator Nozzolio and his colleagues  for their efforts on behalf of our local taxpayers.  This legislation will help support our local manufacturing industry and keep jobs here in Seneca County,” said Bob Hayssen, Chairman of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors.