Senator Nozzolio and Assemblyman Bob Oaks Call on Department of Labor to Assist Electromark Workers

Michael F. Nozzolio

November 01, 2013

Wolcott – State Senator Mike Nozzolio and Assemblyman Bob Oaks are calling upon the New York State Department of Labor to mobilize their efforts to assist employees who will be displaced by Electromark’s recent decision to close their Wayne County facility. Citing the fact that over 120 employees will be facing layoffs and unemployment, Senator Nozzolio and Assemblyman Oaks are asking the Department of Labor to put a plan into motion to help ensure that every affected employee is given the resources they need to find new employment or to utilize education and retraining assistance that may be available to them. 


“There was no forewarning from the company prior to their decision to close their Wolcott facility. Despite the best efforts of the Wayne County Economic Development Agency to try to convince Electromark to reconsider, the company has made it clear that this is their final decision. We stand ready to do everything possible to work with the New York State Department of Labor and other local agencies to ensure that each employee affected by this decision receives the services and assistance they need. We will continue to work aggressively with the Department of Labor to make certain that retraining funds and assistance are made available to the employees affected by this decision," said Senator Mike Nozzolio.


“Electromark's recent announcement they are moving their operations out of Wolcott, south to Mexico was a surprise decision to both local officials and the company's employees.  I will work with Senator Nozzolio to assure that the Department of Labor provides full services of re-training and job placement to all affected employees,” said Assemblyman Bob Oaks.


“As the New York State Senator representing over 120 Electromark employees and their families, I remain committed to doing everything possible to assist these individuals during this difficult time,” concluded Senator Mike Nozzolio.